Since 1983…

Providing “Precisely the Right People at the Right Time!”

“1983” It all started with a Sunkist orange crate that Arnaldo (Arny) Rodriguez bought from his employer. That crate contained three things: a book of rules and regulations for Licensed Employment Agencies, a set of customer contacts, and a stack of resumes – everything he needed to go into the people business. TPS’s original logo and letterhead design was traded for a breakfast and his wife exchanged her secretarial skills with the building owner for 64 square feet of office space in a hallway.

TPS’s goal was to help employers find the right people at the right time and in the process help people find jobs.  The vision was to have personnel directors call with a position to fill, and as they’re talking, have a resume on their desk. This desire to provide quality instantaneous service is why TPS was the first employment agency in West Michigan to have a fax machine.  Arny made a deal with the sales rep that he would guarantee him two weeks before selling a fax machine to any other agency. Of course, good news travels fast. Two months later, they all had one!

You get back what you put in – you treat people well, they do a good job. That’s why TPS started as a contract services company, not a ‘temp’ agency. They hired the people as full-time employees with paid holidays, vacation and hospitalization insurance. Today TPS offers a comprehensive program – everything from medical to dental to life. When other companies saw the success, they jumped on the bandwagon, changing their approach from professional temp services to contract services. Today there are over 120 employment agencies in West Michigan alone, but there’s a lot of turnover. Many of them are here today, gone tomorrow. TPS is different. We’re here today and there tomorrow!

Proven by many successful business relationships developed since 1983, TPS has a commitment to search for the highest quality of personnel, both in character and technical capabilities. They believe the best measure of quality is the consistency with which their services have been purchased.

TPS has grown dramatically since its inception in 1983 from an orange crate servicing West Michigan to 23 states and one of the Fastest Growing Staffing Firms of 2013 as ranked by Staffing Industry Analysts; from a stack of resumes to an international database of technical experts; from 64 square feet of bartered office space to their own headquarters in Wayland Michigan TPS is proud of their success and grateful to the loyal customers who helped get them there!